Plan a Meeting

Plan a Meeting

Planning a quaterly or half yearly or yearly meeting for a Company announcing budgets or annual results or performance appraisals OR then planning a meeting for the Board of Directors with the top management OR else planning a meeting for company delegates or expats. Requirement can be of any nature, but VR Group is all equipped to plan it out for you at the shot of sending an email directing same. Meetings can be organsized at 3-star, 4-star, 5-star hotels OR guest houses housing conference halls OR at a banquet OR at a convention hall, all depending on the requirement and the budget.

Organizing may include
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  • Venue booking
  • Venue setup for stage or seating layouts or podium
  • Hiring of audio-visual equipments such as mikes/ projectors/ LCD/ Laptops/ sound system and so on.
  • Display of print media in the form of standies or banners at visible locations at the venue.
  • Setup of information booth for directions and circulation of agendas in the form of booklets.
  • Provision of stationary to employees
  • Provision of AM/ PM refreshments

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